Sunday, May 9, 2010

Services for post-dating Twitter updates

I recently discovered that Twitter updates could be pre-scheduled. Hardcore social media users must be shaking their heads by now, thinking “that is such old news.” Okay, so I am a little behind. I’m just glad I discovered this jewel.

A few of my friends suggested several free services, including SocialOomph, CoTweet, and Later Bro. But, none of those made the cut.

My top three favorites are as follows:

1) TwAitter

Besides its post-dating feature for tweets, this service allows users to repeatedly post tweets from a daily to yearly basis (why anyone would want to post the same message daily beats me.) TwAitter also offers a great calendar tool and built-in URL shortener. I found the URL shortener most useful, because I am constantly posting PR-related information from other sources. A built-in URL shortener eliminates the hassle of opening another window and copying and pasting URLs. It saves time and characters. Other awesome TwAitter aspects are the ability to establish a business or personal account as well as save and edit tweet drafts. Additional features include:

- Time zone menu

- Automatic RSS feed

- Language translator

- Use of multiple Twitter accounts

FYI: TwAitter will soon offer pre-scheduled updates in masses. Yay!

2) HootSuite

This service offers all the same features as TwAitter except reoccurring updates and a language translator; however, it does contain many other capabilities, such as and WordPress integration and embedded columns.

3) FutureTweets

FutureTweets offers options, including icon insertion and the ability to send tweets upside-down. While FutureTweets presents services that others don’t offer, there are disadvantages to using their service. Recently, they disabled recurring capabilities, because it violated Twitter’s Terms of Service. They also don’t provide a URL shortener. But, there are two great aspects about their service: 1) OpenID sign in and 2) tweets can appear as if they are from Twitter instead via a pre-scheduling service.

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